The Vincent Tucker Radio Show addresses hot topics affecting the hip hop generation while welcoming celebrity guests, recording artists and fascinating characters in the world today. Multi-faceted entertainer & humanitarian Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker (FOX, ABC & CNN) is joined by Myskenna, Yellostar, Remon and Charity E! – the latest addition to the crew.

The Vincent Tucker Radio Show includes segments such as The Good, The Bad & The Ugly – Myskenna shares the latest celebrity news & gossip, while Tucker and the crew share their unique perspective on each story; Remon’s Reality Check – Remon delivers a critico-comical rant at celebrities and everyday people who need to be set straight; and the On Blast! Celebrity Interview series – featuring guests from over the spectrum including Kevin Hart, Tyrese, Cuba Gooding Jr., Jennifer Hudson, Dr. Ian K. Smith and more. 

Produced by CWC Entertainment Group L.L.C., the award-winning weekend program has been endorsed by executives at Clear Channel Satellite and CBS Radio Group. The VTRS was created by Tucker and entrepreneur Jerone Mitchell in December 2007 and began syndication in July 2008. For his work on the show, Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker was named as one of the “2015 Best Media Professionals” by Examiner.com.

Cast & Crew of The Vincent Tucker Radio Show

Host/Creator/Exec. Producer

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Co-Host/Exec. Producer

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Mix-Show DJ

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Support Staff:

  • Jacob “Jake Smallz” Taylor

  • Peter Jackson

Roll the Credits
  • Genre: Comedy, Talk, Urban Contemporary

  • Running time: 2 hours (approximately)

  • Home Station: Fishbowl Radio Network L.L.C. (Arlington, Texas)

  • Syndicator: CWC Entertainment Group, L.L.C.

  • Powered by: fbrn.us 

  • Starring: Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker, Myskenna, Yellostar, Remon & Charity E!

  • Co-Starring: GO DJ SQ 

  • Creators: Jerone Mitchell & Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker

  • Executive Producer: Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker

  • Co-Executive Producers: Arkenna Darensburg & Aaron Channell

  • Music Directors: Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker & Jacob Taylor

  • Mixshow DJ: GO DJ SQ

  • Advertising / Sponsorships: Arkenna Darensburg

  • Technical Director: Aaron Channell

  • Media Manager: CJ “Remon” Johnson

  • Social Media Manager: Charity Evans

  • Webmasters: Jacob Taylor & Peter Jackson

  • Affiliate Relations: Jacob Taylor & Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker

  • Promotions: CJ “Remon” Johnson

  • Publicity: Christopher Panayiotou

  • First Air date: December 11, 2007

  • Entered Syndication: July 1, 2008

  • Opening Theme Performed by: Mixtopia Studios

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