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Tel: 877.998.4623

CWC Entertainment Group, L.L.C.

c/o The Vincent Tucker Radio Show

P.O. Box 743306

Dallas, Texas 75374-3306

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Business Line & Sales Department:


877.998.4623 ext 1 or Click Here.

Question about prizes or events?


Click Here or call 877.998.4623, ext 1.

Questions about Advertising?

Contact Myskenna by Clicking Here

Local artist that want to have your music heard?


Click Here for music submission rules.

Question about syndicating our broadcast?


Contact Jake by Clicking Here.

Want to Intern for the The Vincent Tucker Radio Show?


Click Here for the Intern Packet and Click Here to contact us.

Public Service Announcements and Community Events


If you are a local non-for-profit organization seeking on-air public service announcement, event or sponsorship support or online event listing, please Click Here.

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