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[SEE ALSO: The Vincent Tucker Radio Show Media Kit]


Why You Should Advertise on The Vincent Tucker Radio Show! 

  • One of the up-and-coming forces in the entertainment today, Vincent “Heartbreak” Tucker is a music & entertainment executive, brand ambassador, event host, radio personality, entrepreneur & humanitarian. He has a positive track record in the community as a clean cut, non-controversial role model for the next generation.

  • Advertisers can be aligned with Vincent’s impactful listening benchmarks such as “Heartbreak’s Hip-Hop Minute”, “Myskenna’s Space” and “The Yellostar News Report.”

  • Our target audience is business mind, social, savvy adults between the ages of 18 to 34.

  • The Vincent Tucker Radio Show’s Core Audience is 68.1% women, between the ages of 18 to 54 with a variety of income backgrounds, ethnicities and who are spread out across the world (mostly USA) accessing the who via Internet radio (GLOBAL) & Podcast Devices (GLOBAL).

  • Our Broadcast is Syndicated therefore you not only reach our LIVE audience on but also the audience on our syndicated partners radio stations. Your ad will also be included for replay on our podcast site as well as our iPhone app.

[SEE ALSO: The Vincent Tucker Radio Show Media Kit]

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